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Welcome to GCMC!

A New Beginning!

Gulf Coast Mechanical & Coatings (GCMC) is a new company formed from Diversified Mechanical Services (DMS), a firm that has been providing anti-corrosion services, custom design and build services, explosion proof equipment and equipment modifications, to the chemical and refining, marine and offshore, commercial air conditioning repair companies since 1985.

The goal of everyone at GCMC is to provide the highest level of quality backed by the technical support and integrity our customers deserve and have grown to rely on. We see GCMC as an extension of our customers’ businesses and have refined our business procedures to reduce turnaround times and create a ‘frictionless’ order fulfillment process. And, our scope of services means that we can comply with all your individual or unique specifications.

Texas HERESITE® Licensee

We are proud that GCMC is the only authorized Heresite Licensee in the state of Texas for post-production coils and fins.  This allows GCMC to provide all your coil coating needs for replacement coils, OEM coil builders and existing equpment coating requirements.  Our thermosetting phenolic dipping application procedure is approved by Heresite Protective Coatings, Inc. Dipping is proven superior to spray application and provides 100% coating of surfaces, superior to spray coating processes for Cu/Al, Cu/Cu and Micro-Channel coils.

HERESITE® - The Pioneer In Corrosion Protection For Finned Tube Coils

The first HERESITE coating application to the exterior surfaces of finned tube coils took place in the early 1950’s. Since that time, the HERESITE baking phenolic coating has effectively demonstrated its value in protecting heat transfer coils from corrosive attack, and appreciably increasing equipment service life. The excellent chemical and temperature resistance coupled with the good heat transfer properties of the HERESITE coating have resulted in outstanding performance.

HERESITE’s Advantages

Practically all types and sizes of finned tube coils can be HERESITE protected against damaging environments. It is especially effective in severe salt air, acid rain, and swimming pools, as well as most other corrosive environments. The coating will extend the life of a coil several times and the effect of heat transfer is minor: less than 1%. It is also economical to have the HERESITE process applied. Our P-413 heat cured phenolic is thin, durable, and flexible. Plasticizers have been added to our original heat cured coating to achieve the necessary flexibility to adhere to the modern style of fins.


Paul Brown – President

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