Gulf Coast Mechanical and Coatings
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Houston, TX. 77015
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GCMC Services:

GCMC units are industrial grade and of all welded and bolted construction.
All cabinets and other sheet metal parts are constructed of corrosion protected galvanized or stainless steel.
• Meets N.E.C., NFPA Standards
• I.E.C. Standards (overseas standards)
• All wiring is Color Coded for Easy Servicing
• All Explosion Proof Units Come With a Laminated Wiring
    Diagram Permanently Attached to Cabinet Door
• Stainless Steel Tag With DMS Project Number For Future Reference.

Custom Equipment Modification
GCMC can meet your specifications for equipment
to answer your specific project needs.
Our capabilities include:
• Production Unit Modification for Design Applications
• Corrosion Resistant Equipment Coatings
   • Fume Hoods
   • Structural Steel
   • Ductwork
   • Fans
   • Heat Transfer Equipment
   • Control Panels
• Experience in Application of Urethane, Epoxy and Phenolic Coatings
• Custom Fabrications
   • Chillers
   • Condensing units
   • Air Handling Units And Accessories